Box Top$ for Education       

Wonderfully, you can support Bennett just by grocery shopping!  Whenever, you buy General Mills products, simply clip off the "Box Tops for Education" labels.  


Deliver them to your child's teacher in an envelope or baggie.


Monthly Box Top$ Incentives


September - Extra Recess - Congratulations Mrs. Gore's Class!

October - Technology Time - Congratulations Mrs. Tatum's Class!

November - Stinky feet or Fluffy Socks - Congratulations Mrs. Blazek's Class!

December - Sticker Machine - Congratulations Mrs. Recker's Class!

January - Technology Time - Congratulations Mrs. Hill's Class!

February - Extra Makers Space - Congratulations Mrs. Hill's Class!

March - Multi-Point Pencil - Congratulations Ms. Morris' Class!

April - Extra Recess - TBD


Bennett Elementary earned $405.70 for the November 1, 2018 submission.

Bennett Elementary earned $427.70 for the March 1, 2019 submission.


Total BoxTop$ Money earned for 2018/2019 School Year...


$ 833.40


Thank you for sending in Box Top$ monthly!



Questions? Contact our Box Top$ Coordinator.




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