Bennett PTO Board Commitments 


Organizational goals over personal goals

  • Put the best interests of the entire PTO ahead of individual desires. We are here to serve all the children, teachers, and school with quality programs.

No complaining – do something

  • Minimize negativity. Look for ways to improve the organization.

Questions are welcome, discussion is encouraged

  • Once an issue has been discussed and decided, support it, and defend it.

Accept responsibility

  • Take on your share of the work. Do your best, ask for help, and look for ways to improve prior practices. Work together.

Treat your colleagues respectfully

  • Give your colleagues the benefit of the doubt. Conflicts should focus on issues, not personalities or individuals.

Know what's going on

  • Go to our meetings and programs. Ask questions. Get answers. Keep your finger on the pulse of our organization. Talk to the teachers.

Be altruistic

  • Volunteer to help a group even if your child is not affected. We all need to be willing to help each other for the best overall good of our children.

Periodically review the organization and its programs

  • Take a fresh look at how things are done. Don't be afraid to enlist new talent. Teach them how things have been done in the past, but don't handcuff innovation and improvement.